Abstract is a decentralized exchange built on the solana blockchain network. It permits participants of the blockchain to create a market for others to exchange and swap their solana native tokens. In return swappers and traders pay small fees and liquidity providers earn a return on their deposit.



The term decentralized exchange refers to an application accesible through a series or smart contracts running on a suitable blockchain which helps financial services traditionally facilitated by a central entity, instead trustless parties can participate in a financial market.

Participants who provide liquidity to create the market collect a small fee, creating passive income which usually in a financial world is being done by greedy financial bodies and corperations. Decentralized exchange put in simple term is taking financial power from greedy bankers and giving it to ordinary people.


To allow people who have tokens that they cannot liquidate to be able to trade, swap or dedicate them to a liquidity pool, that way your tokens will actually earn you returns and value. We are helping to add value and create value for tokens that are percieved to be of no value.


Our services will include

  • Multi function liquidity pool
  • Constant product pool
  • Multi asset pool
  • Stable pool
  • Dynamic pool
  • Native asset lending protocol

Tokenomics will issue a platform token named $winter to enable decentralized community governance and incentivize early stage adopters.

Token type

Solana Token

Token name


Token ticker


Total supply





October to December ( Q4 2021 )

⁃ Announcement of
⁃ Launch of website
⁃ Announcement of Whitepaper
⁃ Project Kick Off
⁃ Marketing Campaign
⁃ $winter Token Minting
⁃ Sale of $winter to Early Investors through Private Sales / Distribution of $winter to Private Sale Investors
⁃ Sale of $winter to Pre Investors through Pre Sales / Distribution of $winter to Pre Sale Investors

January to March ( Q1 2022 )

⁃ Airdrop and Bounty
⁃ Public Sale of $winter
⁃ Token Listing on Exchanges
⁃ Listing on Coinmarket Cap and Coin Gecko

April to June ( Q2 2022 )

⁃ Security Audit
⁃ Announcement of Technical update
⁃ Mobile App Development
⁃ Staking Platform Release
⁃ Mobile app Launch
⁃ Software Updates Release and Bug fixes

Solswinter Team

Here are the brilliant minds behind Solswinter

Otilio Bunshoten
CEO & Founder

Trading and management experience for eight years

Halfrida De-veen

10 years experience in IT and business development.